Thursday, July 14, 2011

There's raining !

There's raining !

Somewhere in a land
buried corpses

Rain on the earth
touches the buried corpses

They arise
As they awake from a sound sleep

On the lips of the corpses
there are untold more words
And questions like knives
on the conscience of the world !

They claim to roots
That they were buried before death

They are not dead;
they were murdered
by crushing on the head -
Buried corpses say to the earthworm !

The buried corpses request the rain
to rain on their people and land
with the same chillness and mercy !


  1. Hope the following translation of your Tamil poem make sense:

    There it is raining

    The corpses
    Buried afar in a field
    Turn on their stomach.

    The rain descends on
    And roots through the earth;
    Stirring the corpses
    With one of such runs.

    The corpses try to rise, stretching their muscles,
    As if they get up from a sound sleep.

    On their lips remain
    The words to be mustered yet;
    And questions to knife
    The conscience of the world.

    To the tender roots crossing them
    They’ve said that they were buried alive.

    To the earthworms
    They’ve said that theirs was not muerte natural,
    But murder by axe, splitting their heads.

    And to the shower now
    They appeal to show mercy
    On their people
    And kindness by incessant seasonal rains.

  2. Annachi ! I agree with you. This translation shows that you are the master in both languages. Thanks for this kind!